Monday, March 22, 2010

Where Are We Going?

Where are we going and why are we in a hand basket? This question accurately captures the situation our nation has been put in by Obama and his sycophants. Some allegedly moral legislators one had assumed to have personal integrity have joined the effort to systematically eviscerate our nation and have sold this nation down the river for personal gain.

We are now “circling the drain” even faster with the weight of the single most stupid legislation enacted by Congress in our history. The few sham benefits of this so-called Health Care bill come nowhere near to justifying the cost to America in jobs and our already shell-shocked economy.

America—this should be our wake-up call to give a message to ALL members of this corrupt Congress that we intend to do everything in our power to send them home.

The downside of sending the current membership of the House and Senate home is the embedded cadre of legislative staffers who present a seemingly immovable object of a lifetime of government service (or disservice as it actually is) and who, if allowed to remain in Washington, will provide a base for corruption of the values of any new legislators we send to Washington.

It will take people of the integrity level of a “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” to resist being corrupted. Too many of these lifetime staffers know “where the bodies are buried” and thus can pollute new people we send to set the rules for running this country. Newly-elected legislators refusing to continue employment (or re-employment) of the embedded corruption of this once great nation will remedy the situation. Remove the abject evil-doers from influence!

Only God can help us at this point, but we must prove ourselves genuinely repentant and ready to acknowledge Him to see this land healed from its ills.